The CashPT Bootcamp: 
A mastermind program that will help you solidify your communication about your cash practice, book more patients & increase your profits.
The Cash-Based Mindset
Give to Get, Abundance & Who Is a "Doctor" Anyway
How to book patients even when they want to "use their insurance."
Handouts, Downloads, Scripts and Video Trainings
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More About PT Clinic Breakthrough Course:
We focus on solving the #1 challenge you're having in your practice together as well as learning how to find out your patients #1 reason for seeking physical therapy.

One of the most amazing things about this type of mastermind course is that you get to learn what other business owners are struggling with so that when you have that same problem, you'll have the tools to address it head on and be ready to deal with it quickly.

I have a great program planned, as well as some amazing bonuses and trainings that you'll receive to help you propel your practice to the next level.

Here's what they had to say...

 Leon Knight PT, DPT Charlotte, NC

"It’s a different mindset. When I gave discounts, I actually was taking the discount. So I was charging less than what I want my hourly rate to be. It was interesting to learn that you don’t have to sacrifice your hourly rate to still give them a valuable package."

Mike Gable DPT Bishop, CA

"I've been super busy lately largely because of something you mentioned in the training. You were talking about creating a more equal relationship with the providers as opposed to feeling like we're kissing their asses with buying lunches for the staff and what not and asking for referrals. I held a series of 4 community classes on various topics using the information, strategies and training you provided and I've been slammed ever since!" 
  • The Cash-Based Mindset: Give to Get, Abundance & Who Is a "Doctor" Anyway
  •  Insurance: How to book patients even when they want to "use their insurance."
  •  Charge What You're Worth: Raise your rates without anyone noticing.
  •  Packages for Profits: Create treatment packages to increase your profits without discounting your services.
  •  Overcoming Direct Access: Getting patients on your schedule even when you're limited by the law.
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